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    Shanghai IUXPOWER  Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (IUX.Power) is a focus on energy-saving, efficient power supply products and special power design, research and development, production, sales and service as one of the high-tech enterprises. Senior staff at home and abroad by senior composition, the company has accumulated abundant technical force and development experience and with industry qualifications deep cooperation related companies at home and abroad, introduced a new design concept, gradually leading technology!

    Our main products are:

    1、  Frequency conversion power supply (single phase, three-phase), marine shore power supply, programmable frequency conversion power supply, high power stabilized voltage power supply, voltage regulator.

    2 、 DC power supply, programmable DC power supply, high power DC stabilized current supply, switching DC power supply, DC constant current power supply.

    3 、 AC load box, DC load box, AC / DC load box (resistance, sensibility, capacitance, including intelligent communication). V

    4、 AC constant current source and programmable AC constant current power supply.

    5 、Electrical switch test device, UL/GB switch test load.

    6、 New energy vehicle charging pile test device.

    Products are exported to the United States, Canada, India, Philippines, Korea, Brazil, Pakistan, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

    IUX POWER brand comes from Taiwan, taiwan. Since China joined the WTO in 2002, the production base has been set up in Shanghai and Zhejiang in 2003. Focus on the design, development and production of power products. In 2007, the production base and sales headquarters of electronic instruments were established in Shanghai and Zhejiang. Since the founding of the company, to Mao people to "revitalize the famous industry, the achievement of international famous brand" as the goal, to "better quality head, not low quality hump" business philosophy. To "sustainable management" for the purpose of enterprises to continuously improve and develop. To constantly reform and innovation for the development of enterprise soul.

    Over the years, the products have been widely used in ship manufacturing and maintenance, aviation industrial products manufacturing and testing, debugging and testing of electric power communication appliances, aging test, motor aging test, railway power testing, new energy, medical testing electronic testing, low-voltage power distribution facilities, aircraft manufacturing and maintenance industry, defense industry and other fields, and measurement quality inspection, certification and other international and national institutions and scientific research institutes. Has won the long-term trust and cooperation of many customers in various industries. At the same time, in the domestic power industry has got its rightful place. These are not enough for AIKE, and we are still working on the top manufacturers and outstanding suppliers of the global power industry!


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